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tracks : You Don't Owe Me

Creation year

It was a hot Summer evening. I rode a bike on Vienna's Ring and the chorus melody with the words You don't owe me / You don't owe me shit! popped up in my head. I knew I wanted that to become a rock piece.

At that time, I was trying to learn to play the keyboard. I was practicing blues scales and I found that so many of my all-time favorite riffs are just blues scales. Like the one in Dream Theater's Beyond This Life from 07:11 onward. I tried to simply rip-off that riff, slightly changing it.

One more thing must be said: As much as this song is directed to mothers that can't let go of their kids and keep seeing them as small, dependent beings, it is not directly aimed at a specific person. Particularly not at my mother. :-)


No you need not give it to me. No I don't want it. Why are you sorry? You don't owe me, you don't owe me shit, you don't owe me. It's enough you did, you don't owe me. You can turn off the light at night I won't have bad dreams. You tell me not to talk to strangers but since years I'm stranger here. You don't know me, you may've known that kid. You don't know me, it's hard to admit. You don't know me. I know, once I made no step without your help. I know, I'd cry until you held me in your arms. I know, once I had to wait for you to wipe my arse. And that time was worthwhile, you are no more obliged. Your task is done. The war is won. I'm grown and now... You don't own me, no you never did. You don't own me, you can't own your kid. You don't own me. You don't owe me, you don't owe me shit. You don't know me, you may've known that kid. You don't own me.