Fruit & Flower

tracks : Search for Power

Creation year

This song has a misleading title. It is not at all about search for power. It is an adoration of elements.

The first seed to this song came into existence when Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater. There was a lot of drama and Mike made some harsh comments about the band. Cycling at Donauinsel, I started singing I don't know what they did / but don't you give that shit / to us to the melody that is now at the chorus Then I saw a fierce wind / unifying yang and yin / blowing away all akin.

Some years passed, my son was born and I spent some evenings and nights swinging his bed to help him fall asleep. During one of these occasions, I sang to him Du mein Kerlebärchen or Můj ty kerlebéře to the melody that now is the bridge to the chorus I looked for strength in combat. The melodies of the verse and of the rest of the bridge were extensions of this lullaby.

Then some more months after, I dreamed the Mike Portnoy melody to the words how beautiful you are and to the image of the burning sun, which I love endlessly, and of the combination of the two motives.

Next day, the song was here and I was most happy that we have a song to glorify the wind, the sun and the river, whose magnificence verily deserves our attention.


I searched for power in myself to overcome who's not my friend. I searched for power deep inside for I don't want to have to hide. I looked for strength in combat. I looked for power to kill for I lacked stength and will. Then I saw a fierce wind unifying yang and yin blowing away all akin. And it tore off roofs and trees with a lightness of a breeze and for hours wouldn't cease. But it would never be possessed. I could only watch and rest in dread. Like a flower with no roots with fading leaves and without fruits walking through the city gray, I saw faces gloomed and pale. I'd throw up from the staleness. I'd vomit from the billboards, the zombies in the trams. Then the daylight hit my face, the sunshine and its grace took me from this murky place. And I wondered how bizarre, how beautiful you are you brightest ever star. I was nothing but possessed. Most softly you caressed my face. They say the answers are within but some must enter through the skin. The ocean of feelings that you need for healing unveils its secrets in the river's rapids when you nearly drown. My beloved water stream how steadily you clean all we are and all we've been. Majestic river of my life always winning without strife without you I couldn't thrive. I wish that I'd possess the power to express your grace.