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tracks : Mental Projection

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This song has some interesting musical properties. Its first seedling was a minor 7th interval played on my deep B string. The specific notes were C# and B, which is also the song's main motive. This interval progresses into an octave B - B.

This fixed the main chords to be C# and B but I still had a choice of major and minor or other chord qualities. B minor was a clear choice for the riff used a D note. Then I was thinking -- if I choose C# minor, this will result in the frygian scale but if I choose C# major, there is no diatonic scale that will cover the tone material.

For simplification, let's look at the C major diatonic scale. The tones present are C, D, E, F, G, A, B. Taking triad chords using these tones, we get C major, D minor, E minor, F major, G major, A minor and B diminished. As you can see, there is no combination of chords where the lower is minor, the higher is major and there's one tone distance between them.

So what happens when I take this combination anyway? We have B minor (B-D-F#) and C# major (C#-E#-G#), what tones are present? Setting C# major as the root and preferring Bm7 over the quirky Bm maj7, we get

  1. C# (root)
  2. D (minor 2nd)
  3. E# (major 3rd, equal to F)
  4. F# (4th)
  5. G# (5th)
  6. A (minor 6th)
  7. B (minor 7th)

There's nothing new under the Sun, and so a little research shows that this is the Phrygian dominant scale. It sounds a bit oriental and indeed is used a lot in middle-eastern music. The exotic sound it has can be attributed mainly to the augmented 2nd between D and E#.

One of the nice things about this scale is that it covers both D minor and D major. This is also the base for the acoustic interlude where these two alternate.


A mental projection made me seek out connection, I made you my goal. Now I'm taking action, giving in to traction. I'm gaining control. Just a few hours and beers then everything disappears. You possess beauty, yes you overwhelm, reaching so far beyond the bodily realm. A lifetime of fascination, eight days of fornication, eternity of separation. I can still hear your voice, I still feel squished by your legs. Why am I speaking words? None of them can bring me back. Oh how I wish you had me back. How I wish you had me once again. Colorful dot in the common grey, all I do is watch the memory of you fade away. Fade away.