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tracks : Medisin

Creation year

The first impulse that drove the creation of this song came in a dream. It was in Casa Pello in Gran Canaria in February 2011. I dreamed the melody that became the chorus of Medisin.

Eva was pregnant and medicine, with how the doctors try to influence the natural flow of things, was very actual for us. "Recommending" caesarean cuts, vaccinations, preventive medication, often scaring the patient. This and my long-term experience with the hatred of classical medicine toward homeopathy and kin pushed me to make this song a strong critique of the system that markets health but in order to keep customers will go to great lengths to actually keep anyone from being really healthy.

Making a god from the farmacy and medicine. Making people passive subjects to "professional" treatment.

White-coated god, stay off my way. My faith is not thine.

This song is not aimed at doctors who honestly try to help people and are open to other ways.

The recording was taken by Bernhard Weiß.


Keep me ill so I need your pill, earn your lot through my medicine bill. Sell me my health that will last a week, cripple my nature, make me weak. Lifeless, antibiotic, maintaining a state of sick. Farmacy. Far mercy. White-coated god stay off my way, my faith is not thine. Strangling those who heal those who help for real. Their methods don't work when you reduce a man to sample, to number, a code you can scan. Inquisition of modern age, oh religion of W.H.O. Medicine made in sin. White-coated god stay off my way, my faith is not thine. Scare me from birth, then cut my womb. You say it is good, yes I know for whom. Force me to vaccines with fear you preach. You can save lives but it's death you reach. You're holding the keys, so let people in. Don't let pride eat you from within. White-coated god stay off my way, my faith is not thine.