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tracks : Ice


Ice is old stuff remixed to something new, based to some poem written in my dark years in Manchester. But isn’t it great to dive sometimes into this black feelings and whining voice. Yeah! Essentially it is about our urge to know everything better than the others and to convince them of our truth/s, for good or for bad. Somehow the root of war.


Sitting on my pride Dressed in a smile I’m chilling out in the covert sun No piece of mind Falls off my tongue And words just beat about the bush What’s it all about never giving in and never let it out What is the price I feel naked and so small so unprotected in my wall I’d rather freeze than run and fall I need a place to hide Wishing my distress Would soon subside All that is left, is such a mess. What is the price of thinking twice and take a look into your heart considering ... the other’s part But I know that you know You choke me with your truths Always playing hide and seek I’d rather rip my heart indeed Before I would ever speak and confess what I would need That is the price For my bloody pride What can melt the ice Rooted deep inside That is the price For our bloody pride We will never meet Without disguise But I know that you know You choke me with your truths I am far and so away I am restless, but I stay I feel so weary and morose Quite useless, I suppose Never show the heat Never be precise though one caring word It would suffice Don’t you understand Now is the chance To cast the dice To put an end Or to advance But I know that you know You choke me with your truths And you know that I know And choke you with my truths And we know that they know And choke us with their truths It’s all the same the same old game where to put the shame who is to blame It’s all the same old story raging war just for the glory to win at any cost and price This way we’ll never melt the ice That is the price That is the price