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About Fruit & Flower

Fruit & Flower is Eva, Sixtease, Goti and Ilverin

Fruit & Flower play original music with song encompassing a variety of genres. Most fit under the term "rock" though.

Inside this rock space, some songs are on the soft edge with soothing melodies and acoustic accompaniment, other are on the heavy end, peeking into the metal realm. Deviations are more a rule than an exception: you can find inhumane vocal rattle, odd time signatures, mantra chanting, breaks that punch in the face or schizophrenic babbling for some.

The style of Fruit & Flower is also strongly shaped by their instrument distribution: We utilize heavily Eva's organ of mass destruction and to par with it, Sixtease has to use a seven-string axe and Ilverin a six-string beast bass. We prefer a cajón for the main drum and Goti handles it in a verily brutal art-brut style, complementing it with cymbals, cowbells and other sex toys.

band history

The original idea to form a band came in 2010 from Sixtease. Eva was a natural choice for the singer given her musicality, vocal capabilities, performing experience and management skills.

They were a duo for a while until Goti got a cajón as a present from a friend. That and a planned concert was the impulse for them to join forces. Ilverin was organizing that concert and at the afterparty, he showed his bass prowess to the other band members, which led to the inevitable union.


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Za obsah zodpovědní Mgr. Oldřich Krůza a Mag. Eva Lepold.

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